Melody & Accompaniment PDFs

List of Hymns

  1. Gate of Heaven
  2. O Theotokos
  3. Protectress of Christendom
  4. A Heart Contrite
  5. I Thirst for You
  6. Mystical Rose
  7. Hymn to Saint Michael the Archangel
  8. Mother of the Redeemer (Ave Redemptoris Mater)
  9. Mary, Mother of God
  10. Hymn to the Mother of Jesus (Ancilla Domini)
  11. Hymn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  12. Miserere (Lord, Have Mercy)
  13. The Hail Mary – (Ave Maria)
  14. Patroness (of our United States)
  15. People of God
  16. This Is My Body (John 12-15)
  17. Bless the Lord (Psalm 104)
  18. Sing to the Lord a New Song (Psalm 98)
  19. O God, my Rock (Psalm 42)
  20. Sing Out to the Lord (Psalm 96)
  21. The Lord is My Light (Psalm 27)
  22. If I Could Take the Wings (Psalm 138)
  23. You Alone (Psalm 16)
  24. Rejoice, O Mary, Queen of Heaven (from Redemptoris Mater)
  25. Hail Mary, Honored
  26. Know that the Lord is God (Psalm 99)
  27. Mary, Mother of the Church
  28. Hymn to Saint Joseph (Patron of the Universal Church (I)
  29. Hymn to St. Joseph (Patron of the Universal Church) (II)
  30. Hymn to St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church and Sanctity of Life (III)
  31. Christ, our Only Way (Akathistos Hymn) Pt. I
  32. Christ, our Only Way Pt. II
  33. Magnificat
  34. Jesus, the Lord of Life
  35. Hymn to the Holy Name of Jesus Part I
  36. Hymn to the Holy Name of Jesus Part II
  37. O Loving Mother of the Redeemer (Alma Redemptoris Mater) 
  38. Lead, Kindly Light (Ven. John Cardinal Newman)
  39. To the Immaculata (In honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe)
  40. Hymn to the Immaculate Conception
  41. Our Lady of the Rosary
  42. Hymn to Saint Elizabeth Seton
  43. Of Eternal Years (short)
  44. Of Eternal Years (long version)
  45. Queen of the Universe
  46. Our Lady of Walsingham
  47. Mary, Mother of Eucharist
  48. Rosarium (Contemplate with Mary)
  49. Christmas Without Christ
  50. Candlemas
  51. Remorse
  52. O God from Gods
  53. The Sacred Fight
  54. Death (Hora novissima)
  55. The Two Worlds
  56. For the Dead
  57. The Scars of Sin
  58. Angele Dei
  59. Maria Mater Christi
  60. Dies Irae (Part I: Pie Jesu)
  61. Jesu Dulcis Memoria
  62. Ecce Crucem
  63. O Deus ego amo Te
  64. Totus tuus Maria
  65. Domine Jesu
  66. Aurora lucis
  67. Maria flos Carmeli
  68. Cibum Vitae