Saint John Henry Newman

Saint John Henry Newman’s Poetry in Liturgical Song

Paper for SJHN Association 2020 Conference
Mary Oberle Hubley
Nicholas-Maria Publishers
Huntington, Indiana

Saint John Henry Newman’s Poetry in Liturgical Song

The canonization of John Henry Newman (1801-1890) in October of 2019 inspires interest in this literary Englishman’s lifelong practice of composing poetry. When he was 35, for example, Newman and several gifted poetry-minded friends joined in compiling their verses into a small printed volume:

In Lyra Apostolica, a collection of short poems by J. H. Newman and his friends in the British Magazine, “where they had the advantage of originally appearing, in the humble hope that they may be instrumental in recalling or recommending to the reader important Christian truths which are to this day in a way to be forgotten. . .”
J.H.N. Oxford
The Feast of All Saints, 1836

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