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Until the great Summorum Pontificum, ". . . the single most significant initiative in Sacred Music since the Second Vatican Council."
- Father Eduard Perrone, Editor (Pastor, Assumption Grotto Church, Detroit, Michigan).

What is The Cantus Project?

The present scope of The Cantus Project is defined thus:

1. To translate faithfully and literally into English the Latin texts of existing melodies from the Graduale Simplex for the Proper texts of the Introit, Offertory, and Communion chants so that they may be sung in English with their original chant melodies unaltered.

2. To adapt the Latin chant melodies for the Order of the Mass, the Ordinary, as found in the recent editions of Latin chant books published by the Holy See and Solesmes, to the officially approved English texts in such a manner as to render them as close as possible to the original Solesmes chant melodies.

3. As Liturgiam Authenticam requires a new and true translation of the Latin original texts, The Cantus Project aims to preserve the chant melodies of the Ordinary and Proper of the Mass with diligent regard for the integrity of the given melodies themselves, and their musical accents.

4. Observing an exacting set of criteria for the rendering of its English texts (in the case of the Proper antiphons) and for the preservation of the original chant melodies (in the case of the approved texts of the Ordinary of the Mass), The Cantus Project has already produced literal and singable translations for some 265 antiphons from the Graduale Simplex and the complete Order of the Mass, using the existing ICEL text.

5. This work has been a labor of love by musicians who wish to share the fruit of their work. If those who have been assigned to oversee the musical demands of the liturgy in English deem this work suitable for inclusion in the liturgical books that are to be published, The Cantus Project will have fulfilled its highest hopes and aspirations.