Text: Mary Oberle Hubley
Vs. 5: Ancient patrimony  

1.) Jesus, the Lord of life;
Jesus, the Victor of death;
Jesus, the Master of all heights;
Jesus, the Lord of all depths!

Raise up your voices to the Lord,
Lift up your hearts and minds!
Honor the Father’s Word:
Worship the Author, Creator, Defender of all human life.

2.) Jesus, for nine full months
Hidden in Mary’s womb:
Wrought by Your Father’s Hand,
Fashioned in secret, alone. (Ref.)

3.) While You were yet unborn,
Nature rejoiced in its Lord;
Hidden Messiah of the world,
Still in Your life’s early morn. (Ref.)

4.)  Mary, beginning to bloom,
Shared in her cousin’s joys.
“Blessed be the fruit of your womb!”
“Blessed be our little boys!” (Ref.)

5.)   Nine months in Mary’s womb,
Three days within the tomb;
Redemption’s sacred Mystery:
God joined humanity. (Ref.)

© 1983 Nicholas-Maria Publishers
Huntington, Indiana