Text: Mary Oberle Hubley
Verse 2, l. 1: Revelations 12:1
Verse 3, l. 1-2: Luke I:38; l. 3: John I:14
Verses 4, 5, 6: From The Akathistos Hymn to the Holy Name of Jesus
Translation by Melkite Archbishop Joseph M. Raya (1916-2005)
Text Ed.: Mary Oberle Hubley

1 O Theotokos, O Mother of God!
Mary Immaculate, Mother of us all:
All Christendom calls on you, singing your praise!
Defend your people through the end of days.

2 O Theotokos, of creatures alone:
Clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath your feet!
Be Light on our journey to Heaven, true home.
As with a child, lead our weak and stumbling feet.

3 "Behold the servant of the Lord.
"Be it done to me according to Thy Word."
The Word was made flesh and with us dwelt.
O Theotokos, alleluia! 

4 You, Tabernacle of God the Word;
Ark of the Covenant, Tower of the Church:
We honor you, Space of the Spaceless Lord:
O Theotokos, alleluia! 

5 Mary, O Beam of the Mystical Sun,
Radiance and Light of the everlasting Day;
O Pillar of Fire who lights our way:
O Theotokos, lead us we pray! 

6 Great holy Icon, Mother of God;
Image of Christ and Image of His Church;
O Mirror of Justice, Mirror of Truth:
Mary, Godbearer, alleluia! 

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