1. National Meeting of the Institute on Religious Life, Spring 2007

    Mary Oberle Hubley addressed the Institute on Religious Life national conference, teaching the following selections (prior to the speakers) from Gate of Heaven:

    1 Christ, our Only Way
    2 Hymn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,and
    3 Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

    During the Solemn Liturgy in the Cardinal Stritch Chapel on Sunday,

    Mr. Steven F. Shebenik, Church organist and soloist, expertly rendered miscellaneous verses from Christ, Our Only Way and the Hymn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  2. From the past: the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana diocesan newspaper, “Today’s Catholic"
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  3. Nicholas-Maria Publishers announces the completion of the following hymns:

    1 Hymn in honor of St. Elizabeth Seton (the First Native-born American Saint)

    2 Immaculata (from Rosarium Mariae Virginae by Pope John Paul II)

    3 Of Eternal Years (from Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman’s favorite hymn text, written by his friend, Father Frederick William Faber of the Brompton Oratory)

    4 Our Lady of America (based on text by Sister Mary Ephrem, CPPS- Dayton)

  4. Hear seasonal liturgical Marian hymn selections from Gate of Heaven at on the Learn more about Mary page. (Please allow time for the audio file to load.)

    “About the music you hear on this page...
    Gate of Heaven  is a collection of more than 40 post-Conciliar, authentically Catholic hymns by Church musician and composer, Mary Oberle Hubley.


  5. Nicholas-Maria Publishers announces the addition of the following hymns to the Gate of Heaven Accompaniment and Melody Editions:

    1 O Loving Mother (Alma Redemptoris Mater)

    2 Lead, Kindly Light (Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman’s poem, originally named The Pillar of the Cloud)

    3 To the Immaculata (To honor St. Maximilian Kolbe)

    4 Our Lady of the Rosary (text by Eustace of Sirena)

    5 Hymn to the Immaculate Conception (based on an anonymous translation of a text by St. Anthony Mary Fasani)

    6 Mary, Mother of the Eucharist


  6. Announcing the 2009 update and reprint of the Gate of Heaven Melody/Text Edition with comb-ring binders, facilitating the inclusion of new hymns as needed.

  7. Hear Gate of Heaven in Catholic Music Minutes on Redeemer Radio, Northeastern Indiana 1450 FM.

    1. Mystical Rose

    2. Gate of Heaven

    Ask your Catholic or any Radio Stations to include Gate of Heaven hymns in its programming! For more details, contact Nicholas-Maria Publishers at Contact.

  8. Announcement: Gate of Heaven, Part II CD release

    From Gate of Heaven, Part II CD

    1          Hymn to Saint Joseph
    2          Sing to the Lord a New Song
    3          The Lord is My Light
    4          Rejoice, O Mary, Queen of Heaven
    5          Magnificat
    6          Sing Out to the Lord
    7          If I Could Take the Wings of the Dawn
    8          Mary, Mother of the Church
    9          People of God
    10        Ave Maria
    11        Bless the Lord
    12        O God, My Rock
    13        Know that the Lord is God
    14        You Alone
    15        Loving Mother of the Redeemer
    Gate of Heaven Part II:


  9. Also announcing:
    The near completion of a hymn to honor Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton upon the 200th Anniversary of her arrival at Emmittsburg, Maryland.
    Mother Seton is the first native-born American Saint; the first daughter of the United States; the Patroness of Maryland; and the Patroness of the United States Sea Services.  
    Congratulations to the Sisters of Charity of Saint Joseph!
    Mother Seton, ora pro nobis!

  10. Announcement: Coming Release!!

    From Gate of Heaven, Part I: Gate of Heaven CD
    The Composer’s first hymn and fourteen subsequent hymns as featured in the Gate of Heaven cassette, Part I:

    1          Gate of Heaven
    2          O Theotokos
    3          A Heart Contrite (Psalm 51)
    4          Hymn to Saint Michael the Archangel
    5          I Thirst for You (Psalm 42)
    6          Mother of the Redeemer (Ave O Redemptoris Mater)
    7          Mystical Rose
    8          Hymn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    9          Protectress of Christendom
    10        Hymn to Mary, Mother
    11        Miserere (Psalm 51)
    12        Ave Maria (Ora pro Nobis)
    13        This Is My Body (John 12-15)
    14        Patroness (of our United States)
    15        Hymn to the Mother of Jesus
    Gate of Heaven Part I: Gate of Heaven


  11. Radio Interview: Composer Mary Oberle Hubley by Mary’s Cheri Cholcomb
    Austin, Texas
    October 17, 2007

  12. The Society of Catholic Social Scientists

    The 15th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Joseph A. Varacallli, Ph. D. and Dr. David L. Gregory, Ph. D.
    Friday and Saturday, October 26-27, 2007
    The Saint John’s University School of Law
    8000 Utopia Parkway, Jamaica, Queens, New York
    Panel Fifty: Trends in Catholic Church Music During the Twentieth Century: An Appraisal
    Organizer and Speaker: Mary Oberle Hubley (Nicholas-Maria Publishers)
    A         “Singing Pro-Life in Your Churches”
                Discussant One: James Martin (St. John’s University)  
    B          Singing a New Song: The Subversion of Post-Conciliar             Catholic Church Music, 1965-2005”
                Discussant Two: Adrian Calderone (Society of Catholic Social             Scientists.

  13. Hymn to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

  14. New Gate of Heaven Hymnal Samples

    To St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church

    To the Holy Name of Jesus